Flooting Grooves & INFUSIONS

Jamming with Sean Strydom (acoustic guitar, electric bass) and his step brother Eliot Short (violinist, vocalist) the acoustic trio INFUSIONS was born. After the last few gigs in Cape Town he left again for Europe where he floated and flooted in places like London, Edinburgh and finally settling for a 2-year course in Music Composition and Technology at the APM school in North Italy. The next stop was Amsterdam (2000) and it is here that he came into contact with the Trance scene, after a mindblowing experience at a party in a church in Ruigoord.


In 2000 the journey began - Pearce was Introduced to the addictive and infectious grooves of the trans scene at a party in Amsterdam, which changed the course of things forever. Another turning point was the meeting of like-minded musicians and beings Dan Symons (a.k.a Dymons) and Ajja Leu (one half of Yab Yum) who both played instruments and laptops. The initial meeting and jamming eventually led to Pearce moving to Switzerland to join The Peaking Goddess Collective (PGC): the organic chill and psy trance band formed in 2003 by Ajja, Dymons & Master Margherita, which combines laptops and synths with live instruments: Flute, Guitar, percussion, Bass & Fx.

The Collective played at various parties in and out of Switzerland as an organic live-act playing from chill to downtempo to groove-based psytrance. From here everyone branched into other projects while keeping the Collective alive. Dan branched into dub (DYMONS) and nighttime psy (DRAGONS), Gaspard and Ajja started humourous, psychedelic project YABYUM (AJJA as solo live act too), Moreno continued as MASTER MARGHERITA doing deep ambient, downtempo grooves and ethno beats.

The Peaking Goddess Collective’s debut studio album was released in March 2007.

Other collaborations

  • Cosmosophy - In 2008 a collaboration with Dymons was born, called Cosmosophy. Their sound is tribal, breaky and eclectic. Caracterised by a powerful percussive groove, it also features elements of rock, afro-cuban, dub and psychedelia.
  • Ajja... ongoing collaboration ...
  • Gaspard... Now evolved into Fralien Eequencies, exploring the more full-power psychedelic sound.
  • Flooting Grooves & Mike Didge - Pearce and Mike both share a love of journey soundscapes. Their music is intended to transport the listener through gentle ambient massages to more rhythmic atmospheres. This new live project fuses soundjourney with psychedelic downtempo electronica.
  • Molecure - Molecure (2016) is another project in collaboration with Mike Didge, a very skilled and talented didjeridoo player from South Africa. The result is an eclectic electro-acoustic fusion exploring all kinds of styles like funk, bass, drum n bass, while staying true to psychedelic electronica. The liveset moves from pure acoustic ambient vibes slowly building up to downtempo beats.
  • Kaya Project - Also part of the Kaya Project live performance, he shares the stage with very talented producer Seb Taylor and divine vocalist Irina Mikhaelova, bringing some flooty magic to the already incredible world fusion project.