FLOOTING GROOVES is the solo project of Pearce van der Merwe - a musician/producer who likes to combine flute and other instruments with cool electronic fx resulting in pleasant feelings and deeper states of consciousness.

Born in Cape Town in 1975, he grew up in South Africa and Italy, surrounded by music. After having tried various instruments at a young age including violin, piano and french horn he finally settled on the silver flute, heavily influenced by an encounter with Jethro Tull. His early exposure ranged from classical to jazz, rock and related styles. Groups like Ozric Tentacles and Pink Floyd opened him up to Psychedelia and that's where his journey began.

[Other influences:  Sigur Rós, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Ephemeral Mists, Shpongle, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Ephemeral Mists, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields, Massive Attack, Bonobo, Zero 7, Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, Juno Reactor, spacestation, SILENTWATCHER, Phutureprimitive and Oper-8, Massive Attack, Air, Portishead, The Peaking Goddess Collective,  Led Zeppelin, Motorpsycho.]

FG Solo Career

After his beginnings with the Peaking Goddess Collective, where his flute found the perfect niche in which to evolve, he started to participate actively in the production of the collective's tracks. Soon, he was also producing music solo, finding his own sound and ultimately performing live: FLOOTING GROOVES! with chill, airy, ethnic, groovy, floaty and psychedelic styles.

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Live sets

A skilled and versatile performer and producer with a truly original sound, spanning a range of styles, his psychedelic live sets are divided into 3:

  • FG Downtempo
  • FG Progressive
  • Groovity - FG Psychedelic

These are offered as individual sets but can also be played as one long set. Live performances of the down-tempo and progressive sets are enhanced by the use of silver flute and computer fx.

At gigs, he plays flute and produce instrumental electronica to stimulate the mind, soothe the soul and wiggle the feet. The trance caravan has taken him to play at events and parties around the globe. His performances has always been a success and music lovers greatly appreciate the sight of the live instrument fusing with machine production.


The FG sound repertoire ranges from very mellow down-tempo and chill airy, groovy, floaty progressive beats, to more driven ethnic and psychedelic dance-floor orientated beats.

FG Downtempo | FG Progressive | FG Psychedelic


Groovity can be described as that uptempo groovy psytrance sound dedicated to bringing back those awesome beats and grooves we love to get down to.

These are elements that we’ve come to respect of Pearce van der Merwe’s unique sound. Funky, jazzy, eclectic, trippy, intelligent layers of sound interweaved with catchy kick and drums, spaced out rhythmic molecules and thought provoking particles that gets your toe tapping, bum wiggling and inspires non-stop moving to the groove, while also emphasizing the fun and quirky side of life. He seamlessly transitions from one style to the next as he incorporate Organic Progressive-ambient, downtempo, chill, psychill, chillout, funk, groovy psytrance, psychedelic, psybient, progressive psy, electronica and other dancy moods.